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Care and maintenance

Your MECCANICA GREZZA watch is designed to accompany you for life, however, respecting the advice listed below will make your wrist companion a reliable object beyond imagination.

always rinse your watch with fresh water after it has been immersed in sea water.
retighten the crown carefully to prevent water from entering into the mechanism.

avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, washing up liquid, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. This can damage the synthetic or leather bracelet, the case or the seals.

your watch is not eternally waterproof, as it can be subject to aging seals or accidental impacts to the crown, which compromise the seal.
It  is a good idea to have the impermeability checked by an authorized MECCANICA GREZZA service center once a year if used often in water or every two years in the case of "normal" use 

The winding movement is via the movements of the wrist. Since the mechanism of winding the watch is directly related to the activity of the owner, it simply use it for 12 hours to generate a power reserve that ables it to continue to operate even at night. The watch should therefore be worn 12 hours per day (normal daily activity) for several days. If you wear the watch for less than 12 hours or if the movement of the wrist is not enough to guarantee charging, the power reserve will continue to wear out and the watch will require manual winding. The crown must be loaded manually by turning 15-20 times to load the mechanism and ensure precise operation of the watch. You should follow this simple procedure with a new mechanical timepiece but also with a clock that is not used regularly / daily. Often it is mistakenly believed that it is enough to shake an automatic watch to provide the motion necessary to ensure their accuracy. This procedure, however, neither does it charge the mainspring sufficiently nor does it accumulate a reserve, basically doing so can stop the watch or make it inaccurate.
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